Initial consultation

  • Free
  • Delivery time – 20 min.

During the initial 20-minute consultation, we will answer all your questions and get the information you know, from which we will base our further search and build a preliminary search map. The more information you can give us about the most distant ancestors you know, the more productive our search can be. That’s why we recommend talking to your relatives before the consultation to get at least the approximate year and place of birth of a person whose ancestors you want to find out about. However, even if you only know the first and last names of your grandparents, the search can still be productive. After consultation, we will study the information received from you and calculate how much such a search will cost, what timeframe it will take, what archives you will need to visit and what results you can expect. If you are satisfied with the terms, we will start the work.

Preliminary search map

  • Free
  • Delivery time from 1 to 3 weeks

This is research that will contain preliminary information about all possible sources of information that we will use during the genealogical search of your family. It will be archival files with their details in the archives, databases of different content, address books of the required years, details of the personal student, party or court files and other documents. In other words, we will suggest to you all possible ways to conduct the genealogical search in your particular case and the best sequence of looking through these documents. We guarantee that the individualized search map will include all possible search paths in your case, with detailed and complete instructions on how and where to obtain this information. You can view an example of a detailed search map here.

Single-family line research

  • 40 Euros per hour
  • Archive fees for access to documents
  • Travel expenses (optional)
  • Stage-by-stage payment according to the agreed research schedule
  • Delivery time from 6 to 18 months

The research involves searching for information about ancestors along a single-family line from the nearest known ancestor (for example, from a grandmother or grandfather) to the most distant ancestor information can be found. As for genealogical searches in Eastern Europe, as a rule, it is possible to find information about ancestors up to the end of the eighteenth or beginning of the nineteenth century, but in some cases (it depends on the preservation of documents in a particular region and on some other individual factors), it is possible to find even earlier family history. As a result of your research, you will receive a full report on the results of your work, which will include lists of reviewed archival documents and information about your ancestors found in them. These are copies of metric certificates of births, marriages and deaths of your ancestors, copies of census records with their references, information about the social status/class and residence of ancestors, student, party, judicial and other personal records of ancestors and other documents. The total cost of the research will be calculated after agreeing on the content and volume of the studied archival documents.

When ordering this package, you get:

  • A detailed search map.
  • Research archival files, search for the necessary information in them and make copies of the found archival documents (if the required information is found). We start ordering and researching archival files only after drawing up a search map and agreeing with you on the order of the cases of interest. For example, if we start our research by looking for the metric birth record of your great-grandmother, who was born in city D around 1900-1903, the first step is to look at the metric records of birth in city D for these years in the archive. If the metric record is successfully found, the parent’s name (in some cases also the mother’s maiden name), their social status, and postscript (the province and the city from which the father or grandfather of the child originates) will be indicated there. Accordingly, this will make it possible to continue to search for information about the parents of your great-grandmother and grandparents.
  • Identification of information bases that can be useful in the study, and their viewing. There are a large number of information bases about people participating in the hostilities of the First and Second World Wars, the Civil War, the Russian-Japanese War of 1905, etc., information about the evacuated or dead civilian population, lists of people affected by repression, and other bases. If after consulting with you and your story about the people you are looking for, we understand that some of these databases can be useful in the study, we will review them and provide you with the information found.
  • Making inquiries to archives (in case of the probability of finding the necessary document in them – for example, the party personal file of the ancestor in the RSASPI) and providing you with the received documents (additional costs are possible – one response of the archive with the provision of the requested document costs about 50 Euros).
  • Translation of the retrieved documents from/to (Yiddish, Hebrew, Russian and English).
  • The final product – all documents and photos found during the search, with detailed comments and explanations of our specialists about the events in the life of your ancestors, considering the documents found and historical realities

Two or more family lines research

  • 40 Euros per hour
  • Archive fees for access to documents
  • Travel expenses (optional)
  • Stage-by-stage payment according to the agreed research schedule
  • Delivery time from 6 to 24 months

If you are interested in conducting a genealogical search for two or more family lines, we suggest you order an extended research package for two or more family lines.  When you order this package, you get a study similar to the basic package, but on two or more family lines. 

Genealogy book

  • 40 Euros per hour
  • Stage-by-stage payment according to the agreed schedule
  • Delivery time – from 1 to 3 months

At your request, in addition to research on family lines, we will produce a pedigree book in electronic form with a story about the life of your ancestors, a family tree, documents, and photographs that you can save for future generations.

Photo and video filming

We organize photo and video filming of places where your ancestors lived, and which are related to the history of your family.

Ancestor migration routes

We offer colourful maps with migration routes of your ancestors.