Stages of work

First stage (1 day)

The first stage is a free consultation, during which you can ask all the questions of interest, and we will find out what you want to find and what the initial data is. Primary information about the people you are looking for, all known information about the time and place of their birth is very important, so we recommend that you communicate with relatives before the consultation and try to find out as much as possible from them.

Second stage (1-3 weeks)

After the consultation, if you are interested, we will draw up a preliminary free search map for you .

Third stage (6-24 months)

We do archival work under the package of services you have chosen for one or more family lines. A study on one family line (surname) is a study from the closest relative you know to the beginning of the nineteenth century. If in the course of the study we find out that it is possible to find earlier information (this depends on the region and the safety of documents in this region) or additional information about the genus, and this will require viewing additional cases, we will discuss this with you, and, if you agree, we will continue to work.

The third stage is the most exciting part of your genealogical journey. You will receive all the information and information found about your ancestors in the form of a structured file with copies of all discovered documents and photos. The documents will accompany detailed comments of our specialists with an explanation of the historical realities that influenced this or that event in the life of your ancestors, which we managed to learn about.

Of course, in addition to the final product, you will receive intermediate results during the search, and before receiving the final product.  You will be accompanied by our specialist who will answer all your questions.